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History has proven this again and again.
READ not just ONE alt right new fave quote, but the reasoning behind it, historical context being a thang. But since you won't: Sparta was extinct, Athens had been burnt to the ground during that excursion (and rebuilt by guilt ridden Persians), flash forward now it was Alexander's turn for revenge.
National School Walkout Day vs. Personal Responsibility
What is this, doublespeak a la 1984?
And don't get me started on dedicating an entire month to ONE race!
No surprise from someone who keeps replying to THEMSELF, but as was already explained to you, most criminals in the US are W-H-I-T-E.
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And here I was all these decades thinking Brady was rendered brain damage and they just named the bill in honor of him out of sympathy instead of Reagan who woulda gotten it 'cept he pulled through much better. Because reading between the lines falls outside the lines of the perpsectives of even those who were alive then as determined by a political agenda devoid of factual accuracy, historical or otherwise. Humans. And they say they're stupid.