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Giuliani's law license suspended for promoting election fraud lies in politics
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image tagged in orange trump parody | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
Trump wasn't denied getting elected in 2016 because of Hillary, he was awarded it by the EC.
Nor did he lose to her in 2020 because she didn't even run.
Nor did they give the gig to Biden to avenge Clinton.
The DNC told Biden to step aside in 2016 for her sake, which he did despite his promise that he wouldn't to his dying son. They did not do this as some convoluted setup for revenge in 2020.

The nonsense you spew would be hysterical if it wasn't so dull and so ridiculous in the lamest of ways.
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Who is my "party"?
And sending you back to where, Eastern Europe? That's news to me.
Wait, is this because your president, Netanyahu, is losing his job yet again? Don't sweat it, Likud shill, you're used to his corruption, you'll re-elect him again.
all hail the queen mothers second uncle in politics
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In his own words, no less. The stuff I posted are all from certified interviews with Trump.
Laura Ingraham Nazi Salute in politics
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More like pretty sick, that marriage.
Laura Ingraham Nazi Salute in politics
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You'll rape a snake?