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The prayer of the holy memer.

The prayer of the holy memer. | HEAVENLY FLIPPERS LET THEE MEME UPVOTED ABOVE MINE FOREVER BE ORIGINAL CONTENT DESERVING OF THINE ARROWS OF GREEN; AND CAST THINE DOWNVOTE UPON ALL REPOSTERS WHO SEEK TO DECIEVE OTHERS AS TO THEIR CREATION UNTIL THEY BURN IN THE FIRES OF PAGE 9 AND BELOW | image tagged in imgflip unite,imgflip community,imgflip down,the daily struggle imgflip edition,prayer,original memes | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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Evil Kermit Meme | HE JUST TOOK REPOST HATE TO THE NEXT LEVEL YOU SHOULD REPOST THIS | image tagged in memes,evil kermit | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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Dew et! Those betrayals to creativity have gone on long enough. Nobody seems to think of their fans coming here, copying a meme they personally haven't seen. Then they send it to all their friends and post if all over social media. To have everybody tell them they saw that meme years ago. You think the next time they want to find a meme to share they won't remember that? A repost should at the very least be labeled as such. Not for any other reason than if your fans start thinking of you as somebody whose memes they can't trust. You aren't going to have many fans and neither is this website.

Fans create views. Views drive add revenue. Add revenue pays for the sites operations and updated features like those that were just implemented. People want a good website that features stuff fast and runs steadily without interuption. Then they need to stop phoning it in or jockeying for points. Give something back to the site that makes it all possible. You ever tried to post a meme on reddit? Does anybody really want to be forced to follow the rules when all they have to do is what the site is intended for in the first place?

You're no fool Jying people know you would rather submit nothing rather than something you didn't create yourself. Many believe you to be the best meme maker on this website. Nobody can say they put more effort into their comments than you do. You obviously take into account that if a fan clicks on a meme and sees a funny comment by you that they can also use. That fan will remember your name if you make them laugh hard enough.

Gaining a fan is worth more than any upvotes you can receive. They may not log on every day just to upvote you. They will log on when they want a funny meme however. They will remember your name and find the memes and comments you have made. Which will help them find people you find funny and choose to meme with and maybe even become a fan of theirs as well.

You are very well respected for that and I feel you should know this after my compatriot was rude to you last night. He's tightly wound and becomes overly excited when jimmies begin to rustle. If only more would follow your example theirs no limit to what this site might become.

You will never reach 100,000 views on the front page with reposts and memes by people spamming the site for points. Those memes are just garbage fans have to wade through in order to find something worth sharing. Points don't make people share your memes with their friends.
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Well I appreciate the nice things you've said. You make a lot of good points, I'm just not one to care much about what other people are making. I love to laugh and make people laugh and this site lets me do both in spades.

I'm not sure the way you guys are going about this is the best way or not. You are definitely more reasonable than whomever was on this account last night. I never would have broke somebodies name down and searched it like that. I guess my mind just doesn't travel along such paths. I've noticed dude has multiple accounts, pretty sure he just admitted he is also isay in his last comment to you. So now he will be shunned I suppose. As long as you guys aren't the ones downvoting him I can't see much wrong with calling him out. I'm just am not sure I like the precedent that can set for the future.

The site should come first true but it is the site that set this up like a competition as well. You can't rate people based on upvotes then get mad at them for wanting them. I guess my attention just isn't focused on reposts or spam or whatever. It's amazing all the memes I look at but don't see on here. Over time I've learned to just skim until something good catches my eye.

We all look at things differently and have our own sense of what we feel is right and wrong. I'll never be a fan of trying to make everybody think the same about something. Even if I disagree with it people have the right to be who they are. I'd rather spend my time trying to amuse those who think like me ;)
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Names of who exactly?
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Laughing Men In Suits Meme | HAHAHHAHAHA | image tagged in memes,laughing men in suits | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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I say old chap, are you naming names?
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Already? Where would the fun be in that? The game is afoot and the fox has yet to leave the hen house. The wolf was about to go in after him but I put a leash on it for now. The owl watches with eyes that shine counting every snowflake. While the bear still slumbers not yet ready to awake.

The first and second blow have been thrown and landed with great skill. The opponent unable to land a blow for fear of revealing his hand and losing by disqualification. The referee starting to step in his corner nearly throwing in the towel. The audience waits expectantly the frown of disappointment on their brows. Wishing they could get their money feeling like they had been duped. Still wishing he might begin to fight somehow. Though already knocked twice for a loop.
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All I'm saying is....
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I wish I had a crystal ball and could figure out just what it is you are trying to say.
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