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Poor 10 guy, he just doesn't have a clue :(
Can't recall, but if you search steve from blues clues you'll find it.
We make them money and they choose what we can say...
I know and I get that, I should have captioned it and made the font really small, like that photoshopped sigourney weaver aliens meme that was on the front page recently. That pic has been around forever and the person reposted it with "hi there" in font too small to read and it made front page. So a font even if invisible is preferred to no font at all even if it's on a 5 year old pic that's floated around the internet to something I just made even if without a lot of effort?? I guess my point is more about the mods not giving a fap about the people that submit regularly and get this website views, which in turn gets this website adds, which in turn puts money in their pockets based on our memes. I don't want special treatment or fast feature times, I only want to be treated like any other memer. So when my meme gets held back and I check the latest and see memes with no caption or just made to troll get through, yeah, it kinda pisses me off. I had a few drinks last night and submitted two memes out of frustration I normally wouldn't have. However the upvotes on them kinda suggests to me I am not the first person to experience this..
We make them money and they choose what we can say...
I would post a link to it but a kinda private convo happened on it and without the other persons permission it would be wrong of me to do so. I haven't had that many be held back considering my time on here. Just that when they are there is never a logical explanation as to why. Like I have said I don't attack people or make racist memes. I want to be funny. Guess I put too much into and shouldn't care, there have just been a lot of things going on around here recently that almost make the drama not worth the fun. I did post a pic of the meme that recently didn't feature above so people can see how harmless it is. Yeah I didn't caption it but I have seen memes not captioned here make front page so I guess it is only when I do it that it is a problem...
We make them money and they choose what we can say...
They held this back two days ago, I titled it worth a shot, but then when they held it for 9 hours and 4 views had seen it. Then I changed it at that point to worth a shot, before they held it forever. It got 4 more "mod" views and then never featured. Sure a silly thing to get upset about, but when I see stuff make it through that is intended to be mean or racist or whatever and they stop my stupid pic from featuring it pisses me off. I wasn't attacking anybody I was making a stupid obey joke, but memes attacking people make it through all the time though none of my 1500 submissions have done that. Just makes me wonder and when I have had a few drinks this happens lol.