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So puzzling..
Thanks! I think it probably would have been better if I had just left it with the ICE agent joke. As usual I just have to overthink it. I made this for one of the hardest photoshop comps out there. You can actually win money, the pics are hard to think of something for and people with programs they paid for dominate. It's not so much about being funny as it is about making an amazing change to a pic. I do get some good advice from the people on there however. Always learning I try to be ;)
Online dating be like...
Dude! If you have never googled stupid people on okcupid I suggest you do so! I haven't stumbled across such a goldmine of belly laughs in a long time my friend :)
So puzzling..
I made it for a photoshop contest and just stuck it here, puzzle pieces are flat by nature hehehe, that was a funnier joke than the pic! I only post stuff here for a few friends to see anymore, I don't expect anything on this site to be worth an individual effort these days...
Hipster Barista
Harvey Street fandom be like
Can't take credit for the idea I saw a similar meme on reddit. But your meme reminded me of it and I thought you might get a kick out of it ;)