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put your meme link on my memes so that i can comment and upvote it and you can take my memes and repost it if you wanna
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Boardroom Meeting Sugg 2 in fun
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OOF its been 4 years damnn, i still hate trump and hilary equally, but now i dont care as much.
upvote week_A Vampier_Meme_Queen event Dec.11- Dec. 15 in fun
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it was a week about upvotes theme related meme gif etc
Notice how all global warming charts start around 1880? in politics
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You have nothing but contempt and scorn for those who "literally" know more about climate science than you, but that doesn't stop you. It's nothing but pride.

you joking right, you are saying that you know more about the climate than people who study climate for a living. they said that global warming exist, to say that global warming does not exist basically mean you feel contempt and scorn for those who literally know more about climate science than you.
im not calling you old, thats stupid, im calling your thinking like a stereotypical boomer

also here are the links that say climate change exist and a few you tube video that talk about climate change AND have their sources in the description, i suggest to watch the you tube video if you dont have the time.


Ice melt, sea level rise and superstorms: evidence from paleoclimate data, climate modeling, and modern observations that 2 °C global warming could be dangerous
Legrande, Allegra N.Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics; Katlenburg-Lindau Vol. 16, Iss. 6, (2016): 3761-3812. DOI:10.5194/acp-16-3761-2016


Robust elevation dependency warming over the Tibetan Plateau under global warming of 1.5 °C and 2 °C
Qinglong You, Yuqing Zhang, Xingyang Xie & Fangying Wu


Arctic climate change with a 2∘C global warming: Timing, climate patterns and vegetation change
AuthorsJed O. KaplanMark New

Warming trends: Nonlinear climate change
Franzke, Christian L E.Nature Climate Change; London

all of them say global warming exist
there were more than 100k peer reviewed journals on global warming, thats just on the site im on. i also pasted the title the author name just in case the link do not open.

i would like to know your resources on why you think global warming doesn't exist
Notice how all global warming charts start around 1880? in politics
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I'm the ignorant one !!. yeah my English is bad, but at least im not stupid enough to deny facts, you freaking boomer.
u literally rejected proven facts that climate change is due to human, you literally said you cant proof global warming exist,
and what does stuff that happened million year ago, got to do with Earth today. global warming is a man made issue, ie it happened recently. There are journals actually journal, not some random images that prove. The global cooling you say, does happen on regular interval cuz of milankovitch cycles. and it cools and warms due to CO2 PRESENT IN THE ATMOSPHERE, and surprise surprise, human activity produces most of the CO2. global cooling will actually happen when balance is restored.