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Creepy Condescending Wonka
Trump supporters *have been out of *any reasonable defense for quite some time
He finds your lack of bass disturbing
Repost all you want brother. If you know it's a repost tag it that way. If you put a spin on it more than changing a couple words around it's not a repost. The idea is to encourage creativity while discouraging people pretending to create something they didn't. We know if we call it out enough it will at least make people think twice about it. Can never stop it but slowing it down so new memes have a better chance to be seen is possible. It's actually already happening.
He finds your lack of bass disturbing
Nice of you to have such a good attitude. I can't help myself, I own a company that fact checks material. Except the creators hire us and want to know if their idea was the first one like it. It's not easy to step out of that role. I was honestly shocked the first time somebody got all upset that I noticed their repost. Then I realized people actually try and pretend they made it themselves on here. I've always valued honesty above everything else. You seem like a really honest guy to me.
Look Son
That cracked me up!
It's only a matter of time before he activates his wrist detonator.
He wants to repost where nobody knows, so he can pretend he's not lame. He wants to repost without hanging his head, in shame! That is a f**king awesome meme template brotha J!