If you don't like a theme week, don't participate. Censorship is bad people.

If you don't like a theme week, don't participate. Censorship is bad people. | ALRIGHT, PEOPLE, WE NEED A WAY TO AVOID ALL THESE "OFFENSIVE" PICS | image tagged in alright gentlemen,funny memes,offended,bikini week,cleavage week,theme week | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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Well said
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I'm not saying that people can't be offended. But how you react is more important. If you don't like it, don't choose to consume it. Don't upvote (or downvote it) and move on. Or, make your own meme site and don't allow any of those images there. Personally, I won't be participating in this week (bikini week), so it doesn't affect me one way or the other. The TOS allows these memes to be submitted and so attacking users for submitting them is an attempt to censor others.
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How many memes are submitted - and utterly ignored - everyday?
The solution is simple, a person can just overlook memes they don't like the same way they overlook all the other memes they don't like.

There was a hilter week for crying out loud, and a marijuana one too - FUN FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY! And yet, who complained?

I helped get rid of a memer who had been here a couple of years posting memes joking about **pe, spousal abuse, child abuse, etc. I commented on a couple in protest, the memer argued, then after a few days back n forth, spammed me with 37 comments. I messaged the admin about all this as it went on, and finally the person was deleted. Member since 2015, and I was the only one that noticed? Where were the complainers then, at work? Oh yeah, they were. Where can I get a job that pays me to waste my salaried time goofing off on the web? #firstworldproblems

NSFW - Does anyone need Google translate and a GPS to understand that one?
Hit the dang button, problem solved.

Like is that all this is about? No fun, just some highschool status cool kidz club of middle aged adults vying for a gazillion upvotes?

Now if you excuse me, I'm going to Facebook to ripoff memes so that I can make it to the front page,,,
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Ok, I was ranting a bit, and I don't mean to offend. Most folks here are pretty nice and are helpful. I don't think anything that might sour that or the atmosphere here is good. But the NSFW option is what it is for a reason. And when people complain about the downvote system, but not it's upvote half, or say some voices should be silenced because they're "trolls" (AKA, Don't agree with me) while lesser knowns get to sulk in the shadows watching memes about a sock or dear-diary-I-finally-vacuumed-the-house-this-year hit the stratosphere, like, sheesh already,,,
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