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One Does Not Simply in fun
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But what about people with different chromosomes? Like a woman who finds out that she has a Y. But she should not be able to have a Y chromosome. Or is that too rare. And even if something is rare can we just dismiss it as not science? I'm going off of a genetics class I took like 20 years ago, I'm not an activist or anything, but just from my point of view it seems more likely that it is not always just one thing or the other.
One Does Not Simply in fun
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I don't understand, if there are documented cases of children being born as hermaphrodites, then why is it hard to think the sex of humans might have more gray area than once believed.
Empty Red And Black in fun
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I think so. That's what I figured it referred to anyways
Empty Red And Black in fun
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If you are wondering that, you are probably a better owner than most.
Darth Vader's gonna have trouble sleeping... in fun
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Ha.. I'd watch that for sure