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What the Right Wing doesn't want you to see: Citizens in Iran support US citizens that protested the travel ban

What the Right Wing doesn't want you to see: Citizens in Iran support US citizens that protested the travel ban |  #LoveBeyondFlags; Meanwhile, in Iran... Iranian citizens show support for Americans that fought Trump's travel ban. | image tagged in iran,demonstrators,support the usa | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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To show their gratitude towards American protesters who stood against Trump's travel ban, Iranians made #LoveBeyondFlags trend on Twitter.

Initially, a government supported flag burning was scheduled for today throughout the country. That all changed when the Federal court determined the ban to be unconstitutional. The citizens of Iran watched as the protesters in the US worked so hard to make sure the president didn't usurp the Constitution. The call went out thru social media to not burn the flag. It has gained momentum not only in Iran, but throughout the nation's that were involved as well as Europe.

Apparently the warmongers are not happy as they're digging in their files for old pictures of Muslim radicals protesting. One such picture stated that the protesters, carrying signs that said "Islam will take over the world" were demonstrating from a refugee camp. When another community member asked where this refugee camp was located, he was informed the Netherlands as stated on one sign and to go look it up.

The member did, tracking it back to a protest in London in 2009. The demonstration was to vilify Dutch PM Geert Wilders visit. Wilders was involved in spreading a hate film about Islam was their reason. Out of 2,700,000+ Muslims in England, 20 showed up.

Actual people not in the employ of warmongers do want to give peace a chance.
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Here, you might enjoy this one. What? Not recent enough? Then how about Googling the most recent one 2 days ago in Sweden? 1 girl 3 refugees, streamed live on Facebook?

Women are the future?
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People like you... who would make excuses and justifications for rape.. put your own daughters, sisters, wives, mothers, and even grandmothers in danger so you can win an political argument.

Slap yourself.
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Not just in Sweden, here's an article about Germany. There are plenty more about France and other nations. Countless articles all over the internet.

If you are liberal and you claim Women are the Future yet turn a blind eye to this. The you are not any different than these rapists. YOU a also a rapist.

Guess we shouldn't be surprised from the party of Weiner and Clinton, convicted women abusers.
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I notice that you leave out something that should be very Germaine to the cases of rape. You ignore the fact that there are about 1/2 million instances of rape per year in the US. Many are either unreported or underreported by the police. Gang rape? About 28% of all rapes in the US are performed by two or more individuals. Yeah, Americans are a sick bunch.

How sick? Well, let's kick it off with John Wayne Gacy who was executed for the rape and murder of 33 boys and young men. If that clown wasn't bad enough for you, there's always Jeffery Dahmer and his taste for young men and boys.

That the rapists you point out as being Muslim being an issue, check to see how many rapists in the US proclaim a religious belief. A lot of them are actually Christian. Most prominent one is Dennis Rader of Kansas. He's the BTK killer that did it to get his jollies. Nice guy. Married, kids, Cub Scout leader, president of his church council.

Look at the group that raped, tortured, and murdered Channon Christian and and Christopher Newsom Jr.

No, we have to clean our own society before we start pointing fingers elsewhere. Had the first citizens known of the sickness in the hearts of the people that came from Europe, Columbus and his crews would have never returned to Spain with your logic.

It doesn't matter where the people come from, there will be those with sick minds that will come.

Ooops, almost forgot to mention a darling of the GOP and George Bush look alike, Ted Bundy. Nice, Christian boy that helped Republicans get elected. He'd still be at it if he didn't get his jollies murdering women. Or, at least, if he hadn't been caught.
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Sure, But trump was Iran's biggest hope for getting freedom from the ayatollahs
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Wasn't US meddling the REASON that lead to the 1979 revolution? IIRC, the US supported the rebels in the coup d'etat back in 1953, bringing Mohammad Reza Pahlavi to power. It eventually lead to the 1979 revolution and the shah's overthrow.
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Yes I know, but that was Jimmy Carter, a far-left democrat. Not Trump
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uhmmm, just how, exactly, did the shah get INTO power? US meddling in the affairs of other countries didn't start in the 90s... nor has it ever ended.
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And what the left doesn't want you to see.
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Also for those idiots opposing the TEMPORARY ban...
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Gee whiz, I don't know where to start. If polls were accurate we'd be saying Madame president. Fake news from politico.

Next, your assertion that the Constitution applies only to Americans? Wrong, it applies to everyone within our borders. That includes our procedures on allowing foreign nationals entry. As is constantly pointed out, the list of seven countries was made up by the Obama administration. It's also been pointed out that the Obama administration never acted on it. could be because the Justice department determined it unconstitutional, and the president, who taught constitutional law and understands something about it, Determined that the law was unconstitutional. The president is bound by the laws of the Constitution. You want the president to ignore the Constitution? Do you want a dictatorship? Because that's how you gat a dictatorship. If that's the case, you are unamerican and should relocate to the dictatorship of your choice
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#LoveBeyondFlags; Meanwhile, in Iran... Iranian citizens show support for Americans that fought Trump's travel ban.
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