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Remember Swiggy. He reminded me of this prediction from 4 years ago. in politics
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yeah, he's still all over the place. He's doing "cleans" for fan translated manga: he's gotten heavy into that genre. He was getting interested when he was still here.
But Thats None Of My Business in politics
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Just think, if, by the numbers and not statistics, African Americans would be extinct in the US is just a couple of generations. Whites would have a solid footing although they have over 10% of the abortions in the country while their birth rate is 4 times as high. (source:
turn off the tap! in politics
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WE SHOULD HAVE DONE THAT BACK IN THE 15TH CENTURY! | image tagged in native american | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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Politics has gone to the dogs. Dog Week, a tigerleo event in fun
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A lot of people would like to buy a yacht, but won't because Yacht's are too expensive.
See comments for info in fun
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Holding a door open is generally considered an act of politeness, but in Peter Wang's case, it was a life and death situation. He met death with honor to save the life of his classmates by allowing them to escape a madman with a gun.

Peter was a member of the school's Junior ROTC program, and was wearing his grey JROTC shirt when his life was cut short. Because he is only a cadet, he does not qualify for a burial with full military honors, but since he sacrificed his life honorably for his fellow citizens, many feel that he deserves such.

Currently, there is a petition available at: requesting the president to authorize such. I'm asking that you sign the petition and pass the word to your friends, relatives, anyone you deal with in Social media to ask them to sign it.

I'm not looking for front page glory here, so I'm not worried about the upvotes. Just the results. No, it won't do Peter any good, but it will help a grieving family know that others appreciate his actions.

There's also a Go Fund Me page to raise money for his funeral costs.

Story at among other sites. Google if you feel this is not a good source.