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Why Socialism Works
Have you been to Silicon Valley lately? I live here. They lost over 60% of the high tech industry since 2008. Majority of the area known as "Silicon Valley" is actually a ghost town of empty office buildings. As I continue to remind you again and again, don't believe everything you read in the media. Do some real research. The media lies by the use of manipulation and disinformation. They claim that Gov Brown eliminated California's debt when he was re-elected a few years ago. Reality: He used pension funds to pay off those debts and it was "temporarily." Now we have both debt and unfunded liability amounting more than $1 trillion. This is why California is ranked #43 in fiscal health. Media here reported that Independents are now more than Republicans in California. But they neglect to tell you the % of Republicans didn't actually change, it remains at 33%. What changed was Democrats, a lot of them, now register as independents. So as you can see, you again, like a typical liberal, still believe in outdated 1990 media BS on Silicon Valley or the fiscal state of California. California right now is actually a "poverty" state with more people both in population and per capita under the poverty line. It is #1 in total welfare recepient and #3 welfare recepient per capita. You keep claiming you're not one of those internet trolls or those uninformed antifa liberals. I'll give you the benefit of the doubt. Feel absolutely free to research everything I've said here. By research, I mean look up actual data from 3rd party research institutes, not Huffington Post or CNN.
The Most Interesting Man In The World
too late, Obama already sold it to the Chinese.
Identity Politics
Diversity by definition is racism.