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99% of your comments are refuted by evidence, tests, and facts. But you don't care about those.
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This happened to me today in fun
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i dont get it.
The Placement Actually Fits Joe Biden's "America Last" Agenda... in politics
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I hate Biden and all, but anyone noticed they were seated alphabetically according to nation? Which is why Canada is way in the front and the King of Jordan and Emperor of Japan are both in row 6?
I wonder why Amazon is panicking and attacking LOTR fan base... in politics
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Exactly! I see the left say things like it is all fairytale anyways and they made it about race. It was never about race. It is about their sanctimony. It is like watching an hour show about these people flaunting their self-righteousness at me.

There are plenty of black mermaid stories out there, Disney could've chosen any of them to film. But they want to do this to Little Mermaid for one reason and one reason alone, shoving "We're so tolerant and inclusive, we're so righteous" in people's face.
I wonder why Amazon is panicking and attacking LOTR fan base... in politics
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Yeah this one is brutal. I was reading an article on how the Disney Little Mermaid trailer is getting destroyed b/c it has 400k likes and 1.4m dislikes. Then I saw this one and it blew that one away.
Some prefer calling it a Mystery, rather than facing Reality in politics
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approx 4-5 billion people are vaccinated now worldwide. If there really is an issue, you'd think it'd be all over.