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Let me guess in politics
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lol Some people are so gullible in what they read on the internet. A law degree from Mexico? Worthless.
It is starting again, why be on a "team" think for yourself. in politics
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NO LOSS IF THE FAMILY MEMBER IS A LIBERAL | image tagged in memes,roll safe think about it | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
Please... I hate these all politics are same and bad crap. I was an independent until recently seeing what Democrats are doing. Wake up. Back in the days Democrats still know right and wrong, now they don't know what gender is? They're praising killing of Christians? Supporting Sharia? Communism?

Wake the hell up. Not taking the right side, you're still support the wrong side.
Kid is not gender confused, he's just being a kid. Charlize Theron, on the other hand, is very confused. in politics
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I think lefts are mentally ill not strictly because of either support for homosexuality or transgenderism, but more so for their complete lack of reasoning and pure hypocrisy.

How can they claim just years ago that "you are born gay and cannot be changed" and then now spew out "gender is a choice and people have the right to choose?" It's completely contradictory.

Not to mention how can a "grown adult" take the words of a 3 yr old seriously? A 3 yr old that would pick off a piece of gum stuck at the bottom of a Denny's table and chew on it? A 3 yr old that pretends he is an airplane one moment and a dinosaur next?

These lefts are mentally ill because they're just flat out stupid and argumentative. They have no basis for any of their points other than arguing for the sake of arguing b/c they have no self-esteem and no self-respect.