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Jesus Cross
It's frightening and sad when we really think about it. Jesus Christ taught a lesson that is so foreign to human nature both then and today that people find it so hard to believe such a person really existed. That lesson is "selflessness," to lay down your life for others.
Number one !
Is this a joke? Um, yes he did, that's why the whole revolutionary war. WTF? This is what millenial education teaches?
The truth
HAHAHA! I posted this meme on Fascistbook and got flagged for hate speech!! LOL!!!
The truth
That only applies if the original comment states that. But as he stated, original comment only stated "homosexuality is a choice" it never stipulated being straight is a choice. Ergo he is trying to imply an irony which does not exist. If the original statement stated "sexual preference is a choice" then he has a case. I'm simply pointing out the logical fallacy.