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So uplifting to see a kid so happy.
Flipping seats means changing political parties. GOP flipped 4 seats - FL, IN, ND, and MO, Democrats flipped NV. Stop reading fake news CNN.
So uplifting to see a kid so happy.
um... Democrats lost 4 seats in the senate in this midterm. It is rare when the sitting president's part gain senate seats during the midterm. It’s only happened three times in the past 104 years – in 1914, 1962 and 1970. so.. HA-HA.
Picard Wtf
Are you seriously this stupid? The check and balance of the congress is designed by the 2 houses. House of rep, which is represented by 435 members distributed to states based on population. Senate, which is "2" per state to balance the power of each state's stake in the nation (each state no matter size and population has the same senate power) That's where the check and balance is in the congress. If you don't even know this, I sure hope you're not allowed to vote.
Just sayin. Maybe you shouldn't be so judgy.
How long have you nuts been preaching that sermon? How is that coming? lol You do know "senate" is elected via state wide election while house is congressional districts? You cannot gerrymander state lines. So ... what color wave is it? FOUR Democrat senate flipped. OUCH! That's gotta hurt.
Just sayin. Maybe you shouldn't be so judgy.
So your own argument, 50 yrs from now you can marry your dog and be a family? That would be acceptable?