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I think a LOT of people will LOVE it!!
And.... a LOT of people will hate it too... Oh well...
I am hoping Trump will be a better statesman and a true lover of America, and will help right some of the wrongs Obama did the past 8 years...
Heal a lot of the wounds he created and ties he had damaged.

I found it a little ironic that obama's first act of offense... sending England back a bust of Churchill that was a gift back in the 40's wasmarked with an awkward moment from Michelle in receiving a gift from Melania.... she had NO clue what to do with it... and at one point tried to give it back! LOL
SOOOO glad they are gone!
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I think there will be plenty of surprised people this year, especially when the protective blanket around Obama is removed.

The media have their own rules and everyone ends up in the line of fire.

100K bombs in 8 years after a peace prize...
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I am SOOOOO angry about the last few days, when obama pardoned all those terrorist in Gitmo... isn't the first time he has done that either!
His true Islamic colors shine through loud and clear!
A true American who loves America would not have done such a horrific, dangerous thing, no matter how immature and upset they are that they couldn't have a 3rd term or that their party did not win.
This was beyond vengeful... it was an act against America, and I feel obama should be seen as an enemy of the USA!
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Completely agree, it's a good job isis/isil didn't get wind of how easy he crumbles in negotiations.

Cannot wait for Trumps first tweet off the presidential cell phone lol
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You might appreciate this one lol
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Yeah! >D<
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