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Libs want a "homeless problem" they can point at to beg for federal funding.
I wouldn’t put it that way:::: more like most chronically homeless people are men: Women make up about 25-30% of chronic homeless::: but women are usually homeless for different reasons than men. Usually because of change in marital status or abuse. There are quite a few programs for women experience in DV::: and the hope is that they go from a DV Shelter into a variety of housing programs available through federal, local and private funding. This includes men who experience DV too... but our Vets don’t have the same regard from the public,,, perhaps left over feelings from vietname. Idk,,,,, what I do know is I have a ton of ideas to help alleviate the homeless problem and get people who want REAL help the help they need to become self sufficient and regain dignity
Libs want a "homeless problem" they can point at to beg for federal funding.
That is an awesome idea...and many homeless who are clean and sober wantan opportunity to have a home. But fact is many more don’t want to be clean and sober and are content living on the street. Many are Vets with ptsd who can’t stomach a roof over their head. Others a deadbeats running from their adult ing responsibilities, trying to fly under the radar. Until we tackle the mental health issues first and ongoing after they move in, , then you won’t have success.
Libs want a "homeless problem" they can point at to beg for federal funding.
Our Vets NEED mental health so bad!! I split my time between Las Vegas and Salt Lake City... both have terrible homeless Vet problems...and homeless problems in general. Many of these guys, and some women, live from drink to drink, or high to high ( although some do downers) The government uses them then drops them like dead weight. What we need to do is get them rehab, counseling whatever they need to function in society and be a productive member. That is a start. There are reasons most Americans don’t understand WHY there are homeless. It is multifaceted. Some owe ex’s spousal/ child support and don’t want to pay, or can’t pay cause they have an addiction. Some have a criminal record and can’t get a job or a driver license cause too many DUIs. Majority have mental illness, including laziness and entitlement attitudes. Most Vets have PTSD, paranoia of some sort, and schizophrenia. Most have an addiction that needs to be fed... cigarettes, alcohol, drugs. If someone is clean and sober, and wants a place to sleep, there are places... but they are limited and have overcrowding and problems within their walls too. Then their are the homeless kids... runaways and abandoned AMERICAN kids, some little, real little, and they slip through the cracks of society and social services. Many are preyed upon by sexual predators and I have seen a young boy who was “used up” sexually by older men for months and dumped to die when his internal parts wore out from being so damaged! Had he lived, I am sure he would have needed severe counseling and multiple survives for the rest of his life... this happens daily and no one talks about this... unless they are kidnapped from someplace other than America. But this boy was born in California and was alatchkey kid who was lured online, seeking someone to talk to him while his mom worked 2 jobs, and his dad skipped town years before and never paid a dime of child support. There needs to be a way for working moms, dads to get food stamps so at least that could alleviate so stress and help them stay home with kids. Also have community centers and recreational programs that are free or low cost for families to go to and latchkey kids to get help with homework, learn a new hobby, skill, sport, or service projects( kids like to help and it de This will empower our next generation to be more than vouch potatoes playing video games literally from the time they get home from school til the time they go to bed
Libs want a "homeless problem" they can point at to beg for federal funding.
We NEED to take care of AMERICANS FIRST!!!! Once we make America stronger and better, no child goes to bed hungry, no vet sleeps on the street and gets the medical and mental help they need, parents who struggle get help they need so they don’t have to work 3 jobs and can actually enjoy their kids, instead of denying them food stamps and giving it to illegals with anchor babies, who do nothing all day except watch tv and do drugs. We need to clean up the prison system and deport any illegals. If they sneak back in again and are caught committing a felony, it is a capital offense with capital punishment. Ha Rae... but after the first few executions...the illegal criminals will stop trying to **pe, rob and murder Americans on American soil! I know I sound harsh.... but they are here ILLEGALLY, doing violent things!!