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meanwhile Jesus is probably jamming with Jeff Hanneman, Metal Mania Week, March 9th-16th, via PowerMetalhead & DoctorDoomsday180
Absolute nut jobs!! I used to live in Kansas, and every time I went to Topeka, these whackos would be standing at the end of the exit ramp with pornographic signs of 2 gay men.... My kids knew when we got off of 75 Hwy to close their eyes!! I never understood WHY the city of Topeka allowed such lewd signs and hate language!!!
If the same kids refuses to take a nap... he is resisting arrest
It is SNOWING today, here in VEGAS!!!
Looks like we have run out of allowable replies again! LOL I am going to respomd here to your message below. I had a funny image in my head, if you at the bottom of a ski run... I will have to make a meme if it when I get back to my computer... I will try to make it tonight and post it after midnight... since I only had 2 allowed submissions today. So watch for obviously won’t be specific to you by name... but know your words were the inspiration... guess that makes you a Meme Muse! ;-) I am very much enjoying our friendship . although, I have learned quite a bit from your memes and comments... I would love to learn more about you. You sound like a great guy! :-)
Wish you all could be here!!! Props to anyone that knows who all these users are!!!
That is where I went this past year for my Birthday..... I LOVE Lobster!!!!! Have a FUN Birthday Feast!!!!
Wish you all could be here!!! Props to anyone that knows who all these users are!!!
Hope you have an AMAZING Birthday!!!!! :-) And can remember it tomorrow! LOL