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Meanwhile in the seafood section... in fun
4 ups, 3w
I am having trouble getting past the LIVE part.... It is wrapped in plastic, how does it breath??? Oh, wait, it needs to be in the water... WHERE IS THE WATER????

LOL....SMH.... the way they market this is an epic FAIL! LOL
Thanks for sharing! :-)
Jackson vs Jackson in fun
1 up, 1m
Alan Jackson any day of the week... cause heck, it’s 5 o’clock somewhere, and he is so dang handsome for an older guy!
Christmas countdown has begun!! in fun
0 ups, 4m
And halfway to Christmas!!!!
Are you on the naughty or nice list?? 💕🤶🏻
Leonardo Dicaprio Cheers in fun
1 up, 7m
Hope I am not to late to see if you're still upvoting every meme... or maybe you finally got some sleep!
Hope you have an awesome day!
Hey, don't just upvote my memes without looking at them, they are really funny. :-)
Enjoy! :-)
Depressed Cat in fun
0 ups, 9m
Oh my gosh!!!
That is me!!!
Last year I made the meme of the signpost spirit leaving it body... very few likes... today someone has the exact same meme... and a ton of likes! :-(

Happens all the freakin time!!!