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Leonardo Dicaprio Cheers
Hope I am not to late to see if you're still upvoting every meme... or maybe you finally got some sleep! Hope you have an awesome day! Hey, don't just upvote my memes without looking at them, they are really funny. :-) Enjoy! :-)
Depressed Cat
Oh my gosh!!! That is me!!! Last year I made the meme of the signpost spirit leaving it body... very few likes... today someone has the exact same meme... and a ton of likes! :-( Happens all the freakin time!!!
Left Exit 12 Off Ramp
Wish that they were still doing concerts... I couldn’t imagine RUSH without Neil, although he wasn’t even in the band when this album was made... hopefully they will be like so many bands, and come out of retirement in a few years. How stupid to get a booth if they don’t even playRUSH on their station...
Dirty Beaver
....and keep the change!! Reminds me of “Home Alome”
Face You Make Robert Downey Jr
I am so excited!! I submitted my meme today, and it’s already on the first page!! I haven’t been in the front page in FOREVER, even though I always make funny, original memes... So this is cool!! If I can make #1, and stay there for a day, I’ll be happy! :-)