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Never trust a politician, or a fart! in politics
1 up, 2m
MY BRAIN... DOESN'T GO THAT FAST | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
That font is called "Faster One".
In this case, Biden is in an argument with a snail, and the snail is winning.
Never trust a politician, or a fart! in politics
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Just discovered all kinds of fun fonts! | Be Mine Forever Be Mine Forever | image tagged in fonts,be mine forever,valentine,stalker,creeper | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
Nancy's font is called Creepster
All three fonts are found in the font options in settings when you make your meme.
I just discovered it... and SOOO happy I did!
Font REALLY can help convey the message! LOL
Have fun with all the FUN fonts, and have an awesome day! :-)
R.I.P. Betty White in fun
1 up, 5m
Me too... I thought it was some terrible sick joke since just yesterday I was reading about her and excited she was so vibrant and healthy at nearly 100... but it was not a joke, and so sad she was not able to live to be a healthy 100.
Gas is nearly $5 where I live! How much did you pay? in politics
1 up, 6m
Curious what gasoline per gallon is where YOU liveā€¦
In comments add price you last paid or how much you saw it was today.
Add general location if you feel comfortable doing so.
Thanks :-)
I saw regular gas was $4.87 near me in Vegas.
Somepony stole her eggnog! in mylittlepony
2 ups, 6m
I AM NOT SURE WHO DRANK IT. BUT SPIKE SPIKED IT!! | image tagged in spike facepalm mlp | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
Some pony out there got a little drunk thanks to Spike!