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Two Jying Templates from the Second Day of Christmas
I do have a 2nd part to what we were talking about earlier it's just making time
Minimum wage increases are countered in costs
I don't feel like we fully disagree here. I'm not against the living wage and don't envision millions of entitled workers. It should still be a performance based pay. The lowest paid should not working to survive though it takes away the drive. At the same time jobs need to be desirable. You can have a similar income to somebody working 32 hours at a McDonalds on welfare and not have to commit to a work schedule. I was recently humbled when I looked more into whose actually paying taxes, however much they may be manipulating tax codes they pay what is required of them.
Minimum wage increases are countered in costs
The profit cap would be determined by how much it costs to make the product, how much you pay your workers, the amount invested in workers pensions etc the higher this amount is the higher profit you will be entitled to. There is no reason for this extortion other than greed
Minimum wage increases are countered in costs
Great points, the CEO has a tidy salary but the big money bonuses are determined by profits. These need capping. The money in politics is wrong. Wrong like profits from healthcare. I wouldn't know where to start we have no idea of the extent of big businesses input on policies I'd bet it's worse than we're speculating