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People Dog

177,882 views 280 upvotes Made by mbinghamgifs 9 years ago
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i submited the same gif. :(
1 up, 7y
Wait, What?! I was looking at the wayback machine website, and I saw that you used to have the crown. Why don't you now?
3 ups, 2y,
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*7 years later* hey buddy you’ve got the most viewed and upvoted meme of the year of 2013
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1 up, 8mo
now 9 years
0 ups, 8mo
6 ups, 9y
Oh yeah? Great minds think alike.
12 ups, 9y
"hello......good day.....0.0 oh shit"
6 ups, 9y
why why why is this SO damn hilarious?!
5 ups, 9y
For once I have laughed....xD
2 ups, 9y
damn this is funny
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1 up, 7y,
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Wow this do be having over 100 000 views tho
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