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Professional Foreskin Bandit. Pronouns I/fuсked/your/mother. firestar9990#2092
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Giga Spike in MS_memer_group
0 ups, 5h
What stream?
Giga Spike in MS_memer_group
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Wait, what?
Yea they do that in MS_memer_group
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You get a follow for actually reading what I typed insted of replying with a nerd emoji or something generic.
Yea they do that in MS_memer_group
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No, Irony in the way that people refer to it usually is meant to be a reversal of expectations.
Examples of this are as following:

A fire station burns down

A Pilot is scared of heights

A Nomad is homesick

Some things that would NOT be Irony technically, but might be classified as such by 'Gen z'ers', are as following:

You meet your childhood friend for the first time in years at the same location you first met them at

One of the oldest users of a site happens to be the last post

Anyhow, I know there's some seperate word for the latter other than 'Irony'. This is because the word Irony is a very specific defintion that applies only to a small amount of situations.
Yea they do that in MS_memer_group
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That's not Irony. It's called Irony, but it's not. That's not the proper definition.