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This is White Privilege
Not quite. It's just way over-exaggerated.
Three for the price of one - 2017 Memes in Review. My favorite submissions in 2017 from users on the Top 100 leaderboard.
S'okay. I haven't been the most active lately. But it would be intriguing to see which of my memes you liked best. ;)
sam kinnison trump say it
That's a good point. Boy was he mistaken, then. Tis Human to err.
sam kinnison trump say it
Or, you know... grow their own...
sam kinnison trump say it
Reagan's congress was overwhelmingly liberal. There wasn't much he could do. I would hazard a guess that he signed it under a lot of pressure AND he wanted to make it illegal to hire illegal workers from that day forth. The amnesty part that was tacked on was the brain child of the 99th United States Congress...