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This van is still right across the street from my mom's house... in fun
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Update 2020... This van has moved on to greener pastures.
World Cup? I tried it. in fun
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Yeah it turns out it was just a theory
One Does Not Simply in fun
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I mean, don't girls just talk and apply makeup in the bathrooms these days? XD
sam kinnison trump say it in fun
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Well, mathematically, unless the variable of "Democrat Party" is removed, yes they will regain control eventually. Let's just hope it's sane Democrats and not "Open Borders, anything goes" Dems.
Here comes Shawn with another unpopular political quandary... in fun
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It hurts being on the fence, but often times the middle is the best vantage point. Caring for others doesn't belong to Socialism. Not at all. We're allowed to care for others as Conservatives. Case in point, Christ teaches us to do so, but nowhere does Christ say "Government should force us to care for others". That's where a lot of people get confused.