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R.I.P. logic in fun
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Time is *very* hard to understand. Its actually the same thing as space is, from the perspective of physical law. I just think of it as another axis, just like X,Y, and Z. Thats the way Einstein suggested we think about it too. Hes the guy who discovered that time moves faster at the base of a mountain than at the top. Weird, right? It gets weirder, though. Much weirder.

Apparently, there are some weird things going on with the measurement of time.. if you got bunch of really accurate clocks together in a small space, then "everything's position/velocity would get cloudy" and become less measurable in a precise fashion. Just like you can't measure the velocity of a particle accurately if you've measured its position accurately. Theres that damn trade-off.

Fortunately, if you are a Daemon Worshiper like me- you've got that shit covered. I use LaPlace's Demon to imagine a world where "a hypothetical all-knowing being who knows the precise location and momentum of every atom in the universe, and therefore could use Newton's laws to reveal the entire course of cosmic events, past and future. "
Is This A Pigeon in fun
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You guys are too young to remember this stuff, but the Satanic Panic was a huge cult like phenomena that spread like wildfire through the USA. Everybody was convinced that their neighbors or babysitters or whoever was lurking in the shadows, waiting to sacrifice babies to Satan when they weren't abusing them or listening to Rock and Roll backwards or playing D&D to "summon REAL demons and use REAL magic." Bitches, please.

Don't you think if D&D magic was real, kids would have been fireballing the crap out of all sorts of shit?
The funny thing is this is still the prevalent view in the Bible Belt, and among QAnon / Pizzagate dipshitters too. So gullible and superstitious, its painful to even think about.
Is This A Pigeon in fun
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Yeah, and the Holocaust, and the Spanish, Russian, Medieval, etc. Inquisitions.
And 1750 years of child molestation, which Martin Luther (the Protestant dude) spoke out about- saying "The Pope and his Priests have too many young boys to sodomize. They should limit the number so people won't talk smack." (loose translation) Then there was the Salem Witch trails, invention of the most horrific torture devices ever made/used, the KKK and slavery before that.. well, I could go on. Don't get me wrong- I'm Christian, just not a stupid one who believes in "God". I believe Jesus was the coolest cat on the planet, ever, but when he played Renegade Rabbi for the last 7 years of his life- he didn't question enough Old Testament doctrine. Just some of it.

Whats ironic is that the Jesus (well Yeshua. His actual name) tells his followers "judge not, lest ye be judged", and "turn the other cheek / resist not evil" (which means be a Pacifist; no violence, even to defend yourself. no excuses) --- and in response, the guys who killed him (the Romans) adopt his followers into their State religion, and proceed to burn anybody alive who has even *slightly* different beliefs about how incredibly wise and Holy Jesus was, often taking their money and land afterward. Christians all throughout history had TRIED to dishonor his name and disobey his most cherished views more, they couldn't have done it any better.

In particular, the Roman Church spent 15+ centuries burning His blood relatives alive at the stake, as well as Protestants, and Muslims, and weirdos who thought the earth circled the sun rather than the other way around- and in the 17th century. (20 centuries after the Heliocentric theory had been discovered. Really. Christians are *THAT* dumb, and *THAT* evil. Who needs Satan when you have folks like that around?) The funny thing is now Christians, in their attempt to argue that the Bible is real and not stupid- say writers of the Bible knew the Earth was round and circled the sun, and wrote about it clearly. But if that was so- why burn the dudes who promoted that view back then?
R.I.P. logic in fun
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Yeah bit it wasn't a logic fail. Logic is like "If P, then Q. Not Q. Therefore, not P." Thats called Modus Tollens. OP clearly has never taken a logic course. The number of days in a week isn't based in any academic discipline. Its an arbitrary decision some people made at some point, I'm pretty sure. Months are real and can be tracked by the shape of the moon (well the shape it looks). days are real and tracked by light/dark cycles. but weeks are not real. they are just some bullshit some asshat made up.
Give me liberty! Or give me death! in politics
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I don't even know what this means. I see a coffin, spongebob holding a gun(?).. I not a man of high culture. Maybe you could explain it to me? Anyway I'm sort high so sorry about all the rambling. I got derailed bigtime- all I wanted to mention is that *Monarchy* (Japan) and *Communism* (China) are superior forms of government to democracy as measured by the USA and India's economies and debt. (Debt to GDP ratio is commonly used to determine how screwed a nation is. If its above 77%, the prevailing wisdom is to throw away your constitution, burn your flags, and try again- because you can't pay back your debt. Really. ) I probably shouldn't mention where the USA is at right now., with about 10 out of our 30 tri debtl spent on "fighting the dudes that killed a whole 2000ISH citizens." Which incidentally is the same number of people killed by constipation. Effectively, bin Laden destroyed America. He decided on 9/11 because he noticed we were close to collapse form military overspending already with the whole Cold War thing. So theres that. Of course, you wont hear many other people parroting my view. Because during times of economic strife, the gut reflex is to hire macho big spenders. We call it "supply side". The funny thing is militants in the USA think we can take China in a fight, while others ay the opposite. Neither of us would have anything to gain from that. Its just pathetically old ways of thinking. Future and modern wars are fought with trade agreements, the buyout of lands (a la Germany and Greece, or China and California), and of course memes. Can't forget memes.