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Fighter Jet breaking the sound barrier in Awesome_Pics_
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What stealth bomber? if you know
Fighter Jet breaking the sound barrier in Awesome_Pics_
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The F/A 18 can go Mach 1.6, Mach is when something moves faster than sound, When something breaks Mach it becomes so silent you can hear a pin drop (isn't that crazy, a fighter jet being totally silent), but when it breaks Mach there is a very loud boom then the silence kicks in. The F/A 18 Hornet is supposed to counter the Russian MIG 29 Fulcrum which can go Mach 2.3 which is 0.7 (537 mph) Mach faster than the F/A 18. The F/A 18 has the M61A2 Which shoot 6,000 round per minute, while the Mig 29 has the GSh-30-1 which only shoot 1,500 round per minute. And the F/A 18 can have a assortment of weapons including 8,000 pounds of bombs some unguided and others guided, the Demon nuclear bomb, 8 Air to Air Missiles (including Aim 9Js, Aim 9E's, ect.), 380 mighty mouse 118mm unguided rockets, ATGM Bullpups, ATGM-65 Mavericks, and 4 200 gallon refueling/extra fuel tanks that can be dropped manually.
While the Mig 29 can only hold R-27 Vympal Air to air missiles, 4 R60 air to air missiles, 2,000 pounds of bombs, R-73 Dogfight missiles, Unguided Rockets and Guided rockets.

Please ask me to give you guys another history lesson if you want
lol :) in Roses_Are_Red
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image tagged in my dissapointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined | made w/ Imgflip meme maker