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Christianity is just Jewish fan-fic. in politics
0 ups, 12mo
Uh-huh..... Still not seeing the connections between religion and humanity, between religion and science, and between vaccine mandates and ANYTHING. Are you sure we're talking about the same thing?
hijacked by right-wing trolls in politics
0 ups, 12mo
Why argue with the trash? I just let'em blasturbate on the comments and make my point for me. :-D
As President, Trump legally had the final say over what’s classified. in politics
1 up, 12mo
No, he doesn't. Congress passed a law about the retention of presidential documents after the Nixon fiasco to prevent the destruction or other misuse of documents in the future. Get your face out of your palm and into a book or a newspaper.
Christianity is just Jewish fan-fic. in politics
0 ups, 12mo
Are you offended as a Christian, as a Jew, or as a writer of fan-fiction? My inquiring mind wants to know. ;-)
Trump leading america offramp in politics
0 ups, 2y
The "trump leading america" tag is pretty clear and written in English, but I can still see how a Trumpanzee could miss it. Maybe a crayon drawing would help explain it to them.