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the weapons we forged in times of peace only tell on the tension opposed to tension in our elbow grease
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what was the most thought-provoking buzzword of the 21st century? in fun
0 ups, 4mo
whoopsie did we put a noopolitical crisis engine in your ear? soooorry, have you tried discipline or meditation?
"a.i." has been here for decades we only just getting access when #a11y was the product if that makes it make sense in fun
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if the interfaces were restful the coffee would be free. makes u think
sorry #leadership 101 in fun
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also funny how because you "sound white" people think you must be well to do and middle class. so much smoke for shadows out from the media intellectuals.
sorry #leadership 101 in fun
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funny how childhood neglect and being "spoiled" come to the same absent joke.
united you cope with friendly-fire damage in fun
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"keep the money you have earned"? my brother in blackness, have you understood how the empire of law creates wealth? have you read katharina pistor at all? why are you double binding me in theory? why are you feeding the cope machine?