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Spin Cycle in politics
2 ups, 1y
One good hoax deserves another
Untitled Image in politics
3 ups, 1y
I caught Brad the Guitologyst for the review of the Grammys.
Of course, as Frank Zappa said, "If you can write a song so mediocre that it can be used to sell a soft drink, you'll get an award"
Another "SADS" event ... in COVID_Truth
2 ups, 1y
Crazy world!
Had to quit a music BB because once the zombies learned that I wasn't jabbed, they wouldn't stop attacking! Their mental decline in the interim was remarkable.
Well that escalated quickly... in COVID_Truth
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Glad you're feeling better!
Vitamin C can be taken to bowel tolerance, and if you're around the house, there's little danger of being too far away from the restroom.
Beat a mild ear infection one morning using a 10,000mg dose. Amazed me, because typically a mild antibiotic would have taken a week or so.