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image tagged in scumbag scissors | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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Minnies dress
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Look where mickey is holding his right hand
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He’s cringe as heck he make ”covers” of songs but in reality he just takes an already existing song and sings it himself. His mom also sings with a voice that sounds like a fart. He scammed kids multiple times but the biggest case he had a live stream on tiktok where his fans could call him but he didn’t tell them that every call costed money so some kids tried calling him over a thousand times so some parents got a big bill after that.
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He’s a swedish youtuber called pontus rasmusson. He just translate everything morgz says in his videos to swedish. He is 23 years old and still lives with his parents tho he lies about his age and says he’s born in 2004 when he’s actually born in 1998 there have been rumours that he was in a relationship with a girl born in 2006 tho these are just rumours but i wouldn’t be surprised if it was true.