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Ill Just Wait Here in politics
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Two Buttons in fun
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So I f**k beyonce in her ass as hard as I can, and it's a gaping bleeding mess..... How does that erase her music?
Third World Skeptical Kid in politics
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Yeah, me too. But unfortunately people like that tend to get away with that kind of shit.
Third World Skeptical Kid in politics
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About the preachers spouting hatred against gays...
There's been plenty preachers who say gays should be burned to death.
Third World Skeptical Kid in politics
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Pretty sure you're the one with the reading comprehension issue.
I never said you don't have the right for your Christian views. But you are being a enormous hypocrite. You feel you have the right to discriminate against others and cry you're being discriminated against because you people are being called out on it.

You have all the right to believe what you want, but so does anyone else.

About the christian florists and bakers, I think that's a tricky one.
On one hand it's their freedom of speech, sure. But they are being bigoted pieces of shit. Don't you think it's degrading when a same sex couple wants to get married and get a cake but the baker denies them their cake based on their sexuality?

At the end of the day you want people to tolerate YOUR intolerance.