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You are not alone, you are only defeated if you stop fighting in politics
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HEY...ITS PAST MIDNIGHT. KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS? | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
I am so excited I cannot sleep.
The culmination of one goal, and a combined effort. And it comes to fruition........TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
How Stupid Do You Have To Be To Be A Democrat? in politics
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See. Just like I said...lies, deception, misinformation. What a sad story.
How Stupid Do You Have To Be To Be A Democrat? in politics
4 ups, 4y
Sure. And until we have arrived at that point in time, don't automatically assume that it WILL BE a "crappy standard of living." No sense in getting all upset about something that has not happened yet.
But it doesn't matter because as of tomorrow at noon I am leaving this site forever. I was only here since august and I simply wanted to make sure that tRUMPf was NOT re-elected. I have succeeded. Once Biden says "So help me God." I don't need this forum any longer.

Over the past 5 months, you tRUMPf supporters have truly demonstrated what is probably the lowest intelligence group I have ever encountered in my life. As a collective whole, you really have a lower average IQ than most prison populations. The lies and deceit and hoaxes and disinformation that you all absorb, believe, regurgitate, and spread in the name of hate and division is beyond anything I ever could have imagined...even in the world of fiction. I really wish I was around 75 to 100 years from now to see how people and history view this past administration.

I hope you all find some humanity.
toenail out.
How Stupid Do You Have To Be To Be A Democrat? in politics
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I like toejoe. There are a few of them that I like. BlueNinja, StanHalen, and others I can't think of off the top of my head.

Hey...BTW....its after midnight EST.
How Stupid Do You Have To Be To Be A Democrat? in politics
2 ups, 4y
That's fine for sheep and hypocrites, but if you spend your life expecting that to pan out for you, then you will be greatly disappointed seeing as there is no such place as heaven or hell. (I was just using a dramatic expression in my last reply.)
And save all you fake religious and god crap for someone else. I find it even more offensive than "gay" pictures.
I had always hoped that the human race had evolved past the need for supernatural hand-holding, but after seeing the average IQ of a typical tRUMPf supporter, I know that is probably not the case.