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I DON'T MISS. | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
The sniper is easier to get. JS.
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Nope. Just playing with words.
Nice try, buddy in fun
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Three, I am not lying. That is an extremely bold assumption. I have absolutely no reason to lie to you. Or anyone on here. So, please keep those ridiculous statements to yourself. Two, the man is not only a racist but also a huge, and I mean humongous liar. It has been proven too many times by too many people. I do not know what kind of hold he has over the idiots that can't see through his b's and hopefully, I'll never fall victim to that kind of ignorance. Three, you spout off and rant about this group and that group yet claim you're not racist. I won't even try to point out the obvious to you. However, I will pose some questions to you. Have you ever read the constitution and Bill of rights completely? Do you know how this country was founded? Are you aware of how this country expanded its original borders? Where and how did we get states like california, Hawaii or even the country of Texas? Have you ever heard the words that are on the "book" held by the statue of liberty? How does all of the rhetoric spewed by Trump and cohorts fit in with any of this?
Sir, you are sadly mistaken with your choice of person to idolize. I wish you well with your myopia.
Peace from a highly disgruntled, naturalized American, Viet vet.
Do not respond to this as I am finished. You do not want to see or hear anything but that of your choosing. Not good. If you ever decide to wake up and truly want to shake the bonds of hypocrisy, I suggest you start reading. Research what you claim. Thoroughly and not just what you want to see or hear.
This government we have currently, is in such poor shape, I believe ther is going to be a mass exodus from here. Very much like the 30's, 60's and the many corporations who take all the profit from here but have barricaded themselves in tax-free areas around the world. Yeah, they made their money, bought their Congress and now hide from their fiscal responsibilities. It's this type of deceit and wonton disregard that causes the scum like Trump and Barr and mcconnell to run roughshod over basic civil rights and humanity.
So, educate yourself. Be warned: it isn't pretty. And do not bother me with racist and false rants ever again. Thank you.
Nice try, buddy in fun
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Sadly, he is not leaving until he is forced. To make matters worse, he's being backed by some of the most inane and unscrupulous politicos this country has ever endured. The whole thing stinks like a commode that sorely needs to be flushed.