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Socialism drags everyone down in politics
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The controlling class stays rich, though. Socialism only "works" with a dictatorship capable of instilling fear within the people and controlling them. And that dictator has to pay off those loyal to the position. The rich may change, but there will always be a class of people in a socialist society who benefit more than others.
American Chopper Argument in politics
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The charge is "Obstruction of Congress" for claiming that the subpoenas are improper. The fact that the Supreme Court will be hearing the cases shows that there is merit to the position and that the legislative branch cannot arbitrarily determine if their subpoenas are valid or not, nor can they determine unilaterally if the Executive branch is allowed to disagree with them..
Cuck Trudeau in politics
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But that's not his grandma. I mean wife.
John Bolton - Wacko in politics
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No. he was the warrus. Because he looks like a walrus and is a war monger.