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Speeding in fun
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The SR-71 was decommissioned in 1990. It's insignia patch was a very simple "+3". The rumor was at max speed it took 5 states to do a U Turn.
Black Background in fun
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Except Trump didn't blame their deaths on a YouTube video and Trump didn't ignore their 100's of requests for additional security. How's that 4.1% GDP tasting right about now? If it tastes like sour grapes....try washing it down with a plate of crow.
Both men are womanizers and sick toward the opposite gender. And both have always been like that. in fun
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The Impeachment was voted down by the Senate. And it was about sexual harassment, not an affair he had with another consulting adult. Clinton ended up settling out of court with Paula Jones for $850,000. He wasn't impeached over perjury or obstruction of justice either. Don't confuse Trump's affair with another consenting adult, to Bill's multiple sexual assaults and **pes.
Cain & Abel in fun
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SO,  THERE  I  WAS  AT  YOUTUBE  HQ WHEN I HEARD GUNSHOTS | made w/ Imgflip meme maker