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republican, conservative funny guy "And may god forgive you of your sins"
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Chicka Chicka... BOOM! BOOM! in fun
0 ups, 2m
im not that old geez
IDF attack on Hamas HQ in politics
1 up, 3m
jesus christ hamas needs to just stop before they get more civis killed on both sides
Oh behave! in politics
1 up, 3m
ok thank you. I did not know of anything that had happened before the missles sent at gaza and then the iron dome defense incident. I knew that there was constant fighting before these two contries but thats it.
Oh behave! in politics
1 up, 3m
Im a republican but as far as i know (and i dont know if something happened before this) isral struck first and killed civilians so pakistan had all rights to strike back
oh it's beautiful in politicsTOO
0 ups, 3m
yea but hes the one who ripped the flag