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Catholicism is a sect of christianity. I also wanted to use your argument of painting everyone with a wide brush because of what a minority does. If catholic priests can't stop messing with kids, then the entire Christian faith must be into it. If a handful of so-called muslims get suckered into blowing themselves up, it must mean every Muslim on the planet must be out for blood. Have you ever stopped to think that if all muslims were violent, you'd be dead by now?
Tl;dr: it's not whataboutism, it's me disproving an islamophobic argument
The Christian religion and the bible have been used to excuse hundreds of years of slavery, including the r&pe murder and sale of human beings. Black men have been burned, beaten and castrated by white Christians for the entertainment for the whites of that town with postcards of the event sold to attendees. The islamophobe above said that Islam is the only cultural system that does this and it is not. He just wants to blame someone other than his own race and religion for the horror of the world. And by doing so, she is once again excusing widespread violence just like her ancestors did when my ancestors were slaves in this country.