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If that is the truth than why aren't they speaking out? When was the last time (besides Bridget Gabriel) that you heard anyone speak against those who DO chant "Death to America"? Do you think the FACT that we have a Congresswoman who is meeting with FUNDED TERRORISTS in MY neighborhood on the 23rd of March FOR A BANQUET that includes Ilhan Omar and the President of CAIR.(which includes money for her no doubt) should not be cause for concern considering the comments she has made and the Jewish population in the area? Am I concerned? Hell ya. Nothing irrational about it. #walkaway
Seriously, let men be men.
That's right. It's ridiculous.
We built it to stick around after leaving the shit hole we were in to be able to practice our beliefs. Quit being a racist.
I don't get paid for this and don't take it seriously. Had it occurred to you that 1,000,000 people thought the same thing when it happened? We did. Wake up.