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Poor Kermie :(
yes! mwah-HA-Ha-ha
Think of the movie and sing this as you read it.
imho ... if the "haters" gonna be mad at anyone ... it should be *imgflip* for providing this: i.e the API for reddit to use to create the memes. just saying. :) i don't blame imgflip. they are just looking to understandably drive traffic to the site. i believe one of your recents best sums it up about the "rivalry": ;)
Think of the movie and sing this as you read it.
agreed ... the effects of compromised systems can be most frustrating. *shrug* i figure it's the risk i take participating in a networked environment so, ultimately i have no excuse to be butthurt when it happens. it does hit hard when you lose you good creations, you worked hard for though. :( that's why i strive to always create backups! ;)
Poor Kermie :(
ha! ... the scorn-filled contemptuous look on mr wilder's face, as willy ... just can't be topped, imho.