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I was not found wandering the streets after Katrina with a bloody sword repeating " Very large spiders."
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All I Did in fun
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YOU JUST REPLIED TO A SIX YEAR OLD MEME. HERE'S TO YOUR TDS | image tagged in joe pesci | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
ROFL That is some serious TDS. I haven't been here in years and I gte this notification.
Well.... in politics
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HE'S RIGHT YOU KNOW | image tagged in this morgan freeman | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
Excellent post. All verifiable. Not that the TDS crowd will ever admit to any of it.
Racist Joe words in politics
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BOOM! | image tagged in nuke | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
Feel the Bern there. LOL
Well.... in politics
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HRC won the popular vote by roughly 3 million. She won California by roughly 4 million votes. Her "popular vote victory" was not nationwide and due solely to the lopsided votes here in Ca. Take Ca. out of the count and Trump won the other49 states by about 2 million votes. The EC is doing exactly what it was intended to do . As to Obamacare, you're wrong. He eliminated the mandate first year in office. His proposed plan is incremental changes eliminating what is wrong and keeping what is right such as covering pre existing conditions. Beyond that he could do little without congressional action and that never came. From dems OR republicans. Same with building the wall. No funds from congress Trump had to move funds from the military budget under the authority of national security and that was a limited amount. You might remember when that happened and Pelosi threatened to sue the president Also Covid is not airborne but droplet transmitted. Huge difference. I'm a former medical technician and one of my primary duties was infection control. If Covid was airborne we would have seen an exponential increase in infections in the first month. We've never reached the projected numbers btw.
And we agree, get out and vote!!!
Well.... in politics
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AS OF THIS MORNING. | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
Thats a 2020 rally according to the image I found and I doubt he has lost any voters. The democrats projected 2-1 advantage in early voting hasn't materialized. If republicans turnout in projected numbers Trump will win again. We'll know tomorrow. Exciting times for we wonks. :D