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Leonardo Dicaprio Cheers
I remember that.. I'm really not sure ether because then he started defending the 2nd amendment...
Donald Trump
I agree.. We are still learning just how far the rabbit hole goes.. I won't be surprised how many people go down when all the cards fall..
Donald Trump
Manafort was convicted of crimes that were not even tied to Trump in any way.. They were crimes he was involved in before he worked for Trump.. You would believe anything you were told if it bashed Trump..
Leonardo Dicaprio Cheers
That would be hilarious.. Can't wait to see it..
Donald Trump
tweeting is obstruction of justice.. You are so easily lead.. And yes it has been proven.. It was proven Hillary paid to have the dossier written up.. It was proven that the Muller's team couldn't verify anything in it.. It was proven that the FISA warrants were written under false pretenses.. All the things the Democratic Party doesn't want people to know.. There was even a hearing to call for the declassification of the FISA application