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Playing with words. Montages for the masses.
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Hot beverage recipe in fun
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The Nutri-Matic machine on the luxury starship "Heart of Gold" (one careless owner) was an early example of AI vending technology. See for further information and prices.
snake in fun
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When moustaches migrate.
UAV down in politics
0 ups, 5m explains the background to that emergency landing away from its usual base of Niger Air Base 201, located around 5 km southeast of Agadez. The U.S. military is present at the request of the Government of Niger, said U.S. Army Gen. Stephen Townsend, Commander, U.S. Africa Command in a public release dated November 2019. “We are working with our African and international partners to counter security threats in West Africa."
Like, seriously? in fun
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Possibly due to that president undermining policies intended to reverse or moderate global warming trends that are causing drought and the destruction of woodland habitats.
Royston Vasey 4 in politics
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Much of England was classified as "Tier 4" on December 20th 2020 owing to rising Covid infection rates.