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Some really think like this. Do you?
It's not A CHILD. Here's a're in a burning building and need to get out. You can either grab the toddler, or the test tube with a fertilized embryo and escape, but you can't grab both. Which one do you choose?
Nummy nummy in my tummy!
I'm sorry for you...were you dropped repeatedly on your pointy little head? ????
Nummy nummy in my tummy!
Nobody's lying about him. He wouldn't know the truth if it showed up at his door every day and b**ch slapped him around the block. He's a liar, a traitor and a ravaging idiot. As is anyone that supports him after everything he's done.
Some really think like this. Do you?
And to give that proto-human all those rights, you take away the basic human rights of the mother. In fact, you leave her with less rights than you afford a corpse. A corpse can't have their organs taken or their body used unless the person left specific instructions before they died that they wanted to be an organ donor. It's why consent for sex is so important. NO ONE has the right to use your body for ANY reason without your express consent. You take that away from a woman, you essentially tell her the government will mandate her body for your idiot beliefs. Your beliefs end at the tip of your nose. They do not extend to my uterus. It's NONE of your business what decisions I make about my reproductive rights. They aren't yours to take. And the fact that you would never face this **pe of a woman's rights makes it even more vile and disgusting that YOU THINK you should have any power over women. You can wax poetic all go***mn day and night about the sanctity of life, but until you actually walk the walk, then STFU. It's NONE of your business. Unless of course you're adopting these children, fighting for free contraceptives which access to contraceptives has bern proven to bring down abortions. You need to be out there fighting for gun control, for food stamps and WIC programs to feed hungry children and their moms, you need to go out there demonstrating and forcing corporations to clean up the air and water...And BTW, what outrage did you throw at Flint? Their "water crisis" has bumped fetal deaths up 58% Why are you not out there attacking the powers that be? Is it because it's so easy for you to sit in your lazy boy and attack women? Misogyny much? Pfftt... You and your kind are hypocrites. You aren't worth arguing with. Just remember, you come after MY rights and I will take great pleasure in devouring yours.
Some really think like this. Do you?
And right back atcha, braintrust! Idiot.