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This is obviously not my meme. I took it from another source (in this case, Facebook) and wanted to share it here.
TNK, I recently read several histories on Gen. George Custer, a Democrat, who supported slavery, but fought on the Union side in order to improve his chances at winning the presidency as the Democrat candidate, and he had a strong chance at the upcoming convention, but Little Big Horn did not propel him to office. I was surprised to read it but it was documented in several different histories.
Danger Will Robinson
CO2 has been higher and lower on the geologic time scale. Have you read any Dr. John Christy or Dr. Roy Spencer? They make a compelling case that water vapor does more to control temperatures than CO2. Little known fact, the Mauna Loa Observatory which has been used as the standard for worldwide CO2 levels is on- wait for it- the Mauna Loa volcano, which emits increasingly more CO2 each year. I haven't seen any data since the volcanic eruptions, that will be fascinating. (PS. I used to be involved in geologic sciences). Sleep well each night my friend, it's not a problem as some would lead you to believe. Little known fact- there was only one paved highway across the US in 1950- US 6. 70% of US farms were still farmed by horse in 1950. For a long time, most temperature increase attributed to mankind was prior to 1950. The earth isn't static, we wouldn't survive if it was (ice age or drought- take your pick). Thanks for your link.
Fake out week?