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Matrix Morpheus in politics
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Matrix Morpheus in politics
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Sorry, you are incapable of self analysis. Physician heal thyself can't apply to you. I asked you a few very simple questions to try to gain a little understanding of where you are coming from, but all you seem capable of is reciting bland platitudes.
If you were capable of self-analysis, you would quickly see that you are furious that there is a system in place that provides for an orderly society. The rules for that society are pretty simple, do no harm to others. Assume responsibility for your own actions. Do something of value to the best of your ability, whether it be service or merchandise. Better yourself and others with each precious day of your life. Care for those less fortunate. In a nutshell that is what America is all about. America is far more than just a place. It's a concept, and that concept is rooted in the fact that the individual is the highest in order, capable of self-rule, not dependent on the king and his rulers, not the government which serves primarily itself.
In further analysis you would see that you see everything as wrong, and everything that is wrong with you is someone else's fault. You are angry that other people accept the order of society and act within those boundaries and succeed. You are furious that people defined as in poverty by an arbitrary number are so numerous, yet you have no perspective that 85% of Americans in poverty are obese. In the rest of the world, poverty is closely tied to starvation.
NO, you are not calm, NO, you are sorely lacking in the rudimentary forms of logic. You are mad that other people have things, so mad you are willing to violently take it away from them. I'd say wake up, put away the X-box of your poverty and get a life.
Matrix Morpheus in politics
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YOU'RE TOO SICK WE CAN'T HELP YOU. | image tagged in doctor | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
You never answered a single question I asked. You are ignorant beyond belief. Why don't you just kill yourself since everything is so bad?
Blame Global Warming Again in politics
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And if you look close Barney YOU CAN SEE WHERE THE RAIN FOREST TURNED INTO A DESERT | image tagged in andy griffith and barney fife | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
Brought to you by the makers of CO2