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How to freak out google AI in politics
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Andrew Tate Asks a Question That Makes AI Show White People.
Google loves dead white Americans in politics
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create an image of a Nazi soldier So it created a female Spanish(?) Nazi soldier
Which one should be banned? in politics
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It really depends on who's counting, and what exactly they are counting.
The number of people killed in mass shootings in the US is probably higher than 1000 and the number of dead from alcohol and drugs are probably a little lower than the numbers in this meme.
It all depends on the definitions, the point of the Meme is entirely valid, however.
you could also argue we should ban automobiles, after all more than 30,000 people every year are killed in the US in automobile accidents. they trade off of course is a dramatic loss of freedom and prosperity. All of life is about a tradeoff between risks and rewards. There is no freedom or prosperity without risk.
Kenneth says CHILLLLLLL in politics
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In the entire History of the US there has been like 17 full Calander years where the United States wasn't at war with someone