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"I used to be an adventurer like you, then I took an arrow ...” in Dark_humour
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then there you go, you think its funny when black people are killed, but is it funny when white people are kiled on camera?
Oh how fun. Thanks peta in Dark_humour
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also peta said being vegan can cure autism
nobody said that the left doesn't support trans rights even when assholes like her exist in politicsTOO
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a liberal is a political veiw. between the left and the right.
Black privilege in politics
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he didn't speed away in his care, he was shot in his car, and his body hit the gas pedal, he shouldn't have been shot and neither should Ashli. police brutality is bad and police continue to abuse their power and kill people because they are "scared". when Tamir Rice was shot, the police said he was scared. scared of a 12 yo with autism who had a biscuit in his hand?