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Trust the Hate? in politics
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It's actually meant to mock those who can't, but thanks!!
Trust the Hate? in politics
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No. It's sarcasm.
You're Not Affiliated With Me in fun
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That you admit to "merely scanning through" my response is answer enough. Thank you!

You've clearly missed the point of the meme.

As an FYI: All citations were were researched and are correct in context. I always "bother" to look them up myself.

Best of luck!
You're Not Affiliated With Me in fun
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Hahahaha! How many times have I heard this? So many, that I keep a quick reference on hand just for folk like you. You can interpret the Bible through your own filters, through what you've been taught and what you would prefer the Bible teach, but if you're going to claim that you "speak through God" by citing one part of the Old Testament then I assume you're adhering to all the OTHER parts as well, and you avoid all these OTHER abominations:

* eat fruit from a tree less than five years old. [Lev. 19:23]
* cross-breed animals. [Lev. 19:19]
* grow two different plants in your garden. [Lev. 19:19]
* wear a cotton-polyester blend T-Shirt. [Lev. 19:19]
* read your horoscope. [Lev. 19:26]
* consult a psychic. [Lev. 19:31]
* cut your hair. [Lev. 19:27]
* trim your beard. [Lev. 19:27]
* are tattooed. [Lev. 19:28]
* plant crops for more than seven years. [Lev. 25:4, Ex. 23:10-13]
* bear a grudge. [Lev. 19:17]
* collect interest on a loan. [Ex. 22:24]
* insult a leader. [Ex. 22:27]
* mistreat a foreigner. [Ex. 22:21, 23:9]
* spread false rumors. [Ex. 23:1]
* drive a Mercury. [Ex. 23:13] (Look it up.)

So, ummm, yeah. Abomination away. But if you haven't stoned yourself to death for cutting your hair and trimming your beard (Lev 19:27) then you're just cherry-picking the bits of the Bible you like so you can claim that you "speak for God".