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Showdown - Dollar vs Petro Yuan
or Gold. Put 10% of ur money in physical gold. Not everything like some will say, but 10% sud be a good number.I hope this never happens but if it does, 10% gold will be like 100% of ur asset - what they r worth now.
Stephen Hawkings
not necessarily true. Cycle of life and death does not necessarily have to depend on God. So neither life nor death proves existence of God. God only exists in ones heart. And the life or death of the person who has God in his heart does not refute the existence of God.
No Satisfaction
i guess u have to literally stress on the word "Fire".
the problem of this country is not guns.It's people who spend too much time with guns and less time with books. If u listen to too much CNN or FOX NEWS then you will never develop your own thoughts on anything. 1st is the most important because it lets people have free speech. That free speech means everyone is entitled to have their own point. Someone can say that guns are important for self-defense. Others might argue that so much fire power can never be required. After all what kind of self defense are we talking about? The most powerful country in the world cannot defend itself so that civilians have to pick up arms? Or is it defense from our own government? Some even seem certain that the country is going to fail and they have to prepare for life on the run. I don't think people in failed countries would have such thoughts.
Read - "who moved my cheese" and then we can talk.