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if you just imagine something, it can come to life in another universe.
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This the cutest gif in existence.
this is probably the most awesome thing a roach has ever said ever.
This roach is going to fly to somewhere that will take care of her and give her lots of food, water and shelter. Unlike most people, I actually like creatures whose true homes have been destroyed by people who don't respect nature. When cockroaches eat or contaminate your food, how are they supposed to know that it belongs to you? And if you are one of those people who are dumb enough to not respect any bugs at all, even the ones that, unbeknownst to themselves, keep this very planet alive, then I will tell you this: you are a jerkiot. [jerk and idiot]
You Had One Job
I'm pretty sure anyone would know that that's not Rainbow Dash.
10 Guy
Lol AJ lost her hat.