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There is no way a four-year degree can put a student $150K in debt. First off, government undergraduate loans max out just north of $57K. Secondly, even if the entire program were financed with loans without scholarship, grants, or out-of-pocket funds, each credit hour would be $1250. Very, very few schools charge anywhere near that amount. Conclusion: This meme is meant to foment stigma against higher education. Let's hope Larry never has to go to a doctor, get a lawyer, rework his business model, or work on the car of an educated person, because then he might realize how much he depends on the people who advance through education.
Matrix Morpheus
It's a conversation about iconography. One item is a representation of opinions, the other is the impetus and actual oppressive action. Which is more powerful?
Gardeners will understand.
But I can kill weeds. Mint...I just don't know.
Gardeners will understand.
I'd offer to take it off your hands, but I have only two square feet of uncovered yard, and that's the walkway from the house to the sprinkler. Yes, I water the mint. It's become so powerful that I'm afraid to not do its bidding.
That still counts though, right?
You can have all of the proceeds I garnered from this meme.