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E in MS_memer_group
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I like your icon.
Any good non iPhones out there? What do you use? in The_Think_Tank
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Nokia brick is the only way to go.
froggy boi e in Christian-clean-meme
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That should only be done in a marriage between one man and one woman. Anything sexual (including porn) outside of that is immoral.
froggy boi e in Christian-clean-meme
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This is against God's plan for marriage. From the Scripture, we know that God's plan for marriage is ultimately to shadow Christ's relationship with His Church, which can only be done in a relationship between one biological man and one biological woman. Now it must be said that if someone has homosexual/transgender/other lgbtq+ feelings, but doesn't act on them, and remains chaste, this is not sinful. But any sexually immoral actions need to be addressed lovingly, but seriously.
Credit to the Babylon Bee for this. in Christian-clean-meme
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Yes. God uses means. He doesn't generally use supernatural power to heal.