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How'd they do that?
You're kidding right?
That's how Muslims are successfully taking over France, England & Germany, working with secularists like you to create a void of spiritual apathy and ignorance, then they come in and fill that void so quickly and overwhelmingly that by the time you realize what's happening it's too late.
I'm saying Sharia practiced Islam as it is practiced in Iran & many parts of the Middle East will lead to stoning, gays witches and lesbians being tossed off buildings, genital mutilation, honor killings, justification of **pe based on the males testimony & basically most things Liberals call themselves fighting for including abortion will be banned and enforced with harsh punishment or death. How is that for clarity?
msm wrong about everything
Your memes are the greatest and make the most sense .....ok?
msm wrong about everything
Yep MSM was extremely wrong about the election so they can't be trusted about anything they say regarding Trump.