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California the Shithole State
It’s still a shithole, San Francisco the capital Downtown LA San Fernando Valley expensive shitholes though not for wealthy politicians and Hollywood elite, they live behind walls and in gated communities, the rest of us deal with the bs they preach about, tent cities, feces needles everywhere throughout the state
That’s what they told you in SJW school silly rabbit. But the truth is the border crisis is only a crisis because cartels are making multimillions from human trafficking. Aided by crooked politicians and law enforcement on both sides of the border, child sex trafficking is a bigger money maker than cocaine and weed combined in fact human slavery is a mega billion dollar industry worldwide. This is why 10,000 children come to the border unaccompanied by any adult, they’re being sold and bartered off. Hollywood as well as The Catholic Church is heavily involved in this international network of perverts, pimps, pedophiles and politicians and only stupud spoonfed gullible American liberals think it’s about poor ol Mexicans, so poor they send a five year old through the desert alone. We’re finally putting a stop to human trafficking, not only here but in the fake refugee crisis created in Europe as well and pervies, pimps, politicians and pontiffs are being locked up at a record pace. Get the liberal spoon out your mouth open your eyes and try to learn what’s really happening
Yes and Chicago is the safest city in America because it has....the strictest gun control laws in America! Good point!
Mexico is nation, not a race, so there's that! No nation, not even Mexico allows people from other nations to freely come and go in and out of their nation. You try leaving in Mexico illegally without their permission and see how fast you wind up in a Mexican prison. Please take a basic civics course so you won't repeat stupid sounding stuff that tries to justify Mollie's murder