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Untitled Image in cursedcomments
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Homophobe: Gays are sinners and will go to hell!
Me: Ight, bet bitch. Hail the almighty Satan!
Yum in cursedcomments
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Ah yes, Tony. I believe he was the one who bailed me out of trouble. One time my neighbors got a little puppy, it used to yap and yap all night, it was adorable. Then one day the little dog disappeared, I told the police what I knew, but I was still a suspect. Tony took the blame and spent some time in jail. What a great drug dealer.
TERF Misogyny in politicsTOO
1 up, 2m
Wait, but men can get just about any of these... any gender can. Some people must forget trans people exist...
Untitled Image in depression_much
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I have never thought that I would be so personally attacked from someone I don't even know. My parents get annoyed when they hear me watching Gilmore Girls.