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A meme a day keeps the stress away. 😉
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Protest in imgflip
1 up, 1mo
Yeah, that could work.
Protest in imgflip
1 up, 1mo
Putting a % or _ symbol into memechat (after pressing "NEW") shows your followers, but only the first 20.
Imgflip should add a readed comment notification instead of just showing a grey check mark with a replied comment in imgflip
0 ups, 1mo
Actually, the past tense/participle of "read" is also "read" (but pronounced "red").
83 in gaming
0 ups, 2mo
image tagged in was that the bite of '87 | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
Mario bad immune system in gaming
0 ups, 2mo
Video game logic at its finest.