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"When life gives you lemon's, cut it in half and squirt it in your sibling's eye."
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. in starwarsmemes
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It defeated Anakin. Obi-wan simply grasped the full extent of the high ground's power.
Comment your favorite jedi below, please put name of jedi, picture of jedi, and WHY they are your favorite. in starwarsmemes
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Mine is narrowed down between Aayla Secura and Obi Wan. I chose Aayla Secura because you can tell she was a good person in general that in Order 66 her clones shot her a ton of time because they respected and liked her so much they wanted her death to be as quick and painless and possible. Obi wan is self explanatory
Hands down the best Clone trooper battle pack in starwarsmemes
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I haven't seen that image in a long time......
sand in starwarsmemes
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For some strange reason, Dory was never seen again