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Taxation IS theft in fun
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Not only that, but it's basically just going towards the perpetual war machine.
Mocking Spongebob in fun
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Mocking Spongebob in fun
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I see what you're saying, but even in this day and age with the wealth of information at hand, how are you ever going to be 100% certain that a company isn't selling your data? With that being said, if/when people find out their data is being mined, they're free to choose another service, aka money talks, money walks. But, no one I know(me included) has quit facebook since they have been accused of data mining, so that just means the government gets to make a big charade of protecting us from them, even though they spy, cheat, murder, steal, etc all in the name of the law and safety. How can I unsubscribe from that service? Lol.
Mocking Spongebob in fun
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In bed with the government who has admitted to spying on citizens "for our safety". I would rather have a free market where I could choose a company that at least has the appearance of not being a data mine.
Mocking Spongebob in fun
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I would rather abolish the government than private companies.