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The Democrats are still trying to keep blacks on the "Plantation".
It’s worse than you think. Welfare was designed to destroy the family unit in America. It was written so that you get more benefits if you live separate from the rest of your family. Abortion has a purpose. That purpose is population control of the “undesirables”. In other words to kill minorities. These were all part of the movement to “progress” towards communism. Progressives.
We don't need somebody investigating Trump. We need an army investigating the DNC
Where are they? That was rumored months ago, and only on smaller sites. Sessions is gone and nobody has been called to account. Not Hillary, not obamas administration, not the dnc, nobody. We’ve had a witch hunt for two years, now let’s go after actual evidence of crimes.
Let the “discussion” begin!
Socialism is already here. Many of the problems they blame on capitalism are really hallmarks of socialism. Numerically the socialists will have enough votes to “fundamentally transform” the country. Hillary won the popular vote by 3 million people. Estimated 3 million illegals voted. Not a coincidence. And I see no evidence that they will stop with European style socialism.