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You can't be good and also start a war with someone that is merciful and vice versa. in politics
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How can you hsvr free will if your Religious nut job leaders force you into an ideology like Iran? Or Palestine? Or back in the day when they use to brand non believers in the Christian faith as heretics and kill them. Free will soesnt exist if you are under tyrants.
You can't be good and also start a war with someone that is merciful and vice versa. in politics
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Those books of the Bible and Quran INCITE violence. Go read it. Matter of fact GOD in yhe book of Samuel tells the Jews to massacre everyone in Gaza.....theres your free will. And the Quran is no better with kill all.the infidels. You sent hsvr free will IF YOUR LEADERS force YOU into an ideology.
The GOOD books. Have to much evil in them to be truly good. in politics
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Bullsht. I've read it. Its all disgusting. Go read the book of Joshua, Samuel. Its got kill all the philistine women children under King Saul. Its how King Saul lost his kingship to David. Because he DIDNT DO WHAT GOD TOLD HIM TO DO.....The Quran also has mass murder kill all the infidels in it also. Both evil period. And Jesus? Now he comes across as someone possibly nice until he says...follow me or you go to hell and get tortured for all eternity but you have free will? Whatever so my choices are choose Jesus or Hell? Thats my free will?. Its all tribalism its all evil. If it wasn't....there would be NO PROMOTION of ANY EVIL in these books. NONE. Zero. a good look Canada. in politics
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Just so we are all clear...............the guys fighting The Russians from Ukraine in World War guys YOUR grandparents and MY grandparents faught against. The Nazi's. Zelensky probably shouldn't be praising these people so openly.
Jesus vs Superman in fun
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The Bible is an invention...aswell. You actually believe the bible is a realistic depiction of what GOD wants and not the quran? this is where christians are ridiculous and dont realize that everything you create is what GOD wants. It doesnt matter what religion you belong to. If GOD created all things.....he created ALL things so he has no problems with humans creating differenttypes of religions. The bible is just 1 concept. The quran is merely one concept. Muhammed having some weird vision of Gabriel visiting him and wanting him to preach is no different to MARY being visited by Gabriel......they are just concepts. Same with hinduism and ALL are on earth and GOD cares not which one you belong too :)